Seiko Technology Party Workers Visited and Studied Tangdi Village Cultural and Education Base in Keqiao District
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2023/05/24

Clear Li water and unique Zhushan scenery

Orchid Fragrance Full of Tang Di

Beautiful Sheyi Flower Field, Green Shadows Entering Spring Mud

A leisurely local voice wafts with laughter and laughter

In order to further leverage the leading role of party building work, comprehensively promote the improvement of party affairs, and guide party members to firmly follow the party and forge ahead on a new journey, on May 20th, the General Party Branch of Jinggong Technology uniformly deployed and organized workers from all party branches to study and participate in activities at the Lizhu Tangdi Village Cultural Education Base in Keqiao District.


At 8:00 pm, comrades from all branches arrived at Tangdi Village.   If China wants to be strong, agriculture must be strong; China needs beauty, rural areas must be beautiful; To be rich in China, farmers must be rich.

The gradual growth of Tangdi Village cannot be separated from the silent efforts of every village committee and villagers. During the visit, comrades from all branches jointly participated in and witnessed the signing and unveiling ceremony of the "Party Building Co construction, Health and Benefiting the People" project between the Tangdi Village General Branch Committee and the 10th Party Branch of the Affiliated Hospital Party Committee. Tangdi Village hopes to comprehensively improve the villagers' satisfaction index with medical treatment through the cooperation with the affiliated hospital on "Party building and health benefits for the people".


After the ceremony, Liu Jianming, Secretary of the General Party Branch of Tangdi Village, Xia Ruiming, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Affiliated Hospital, and Zhu Jiangqin, Deputy Director of the Administrative Management Department of Jinggong Technology, among others, visited Tangdi Village Committee, Orchid Digital Factory, Colorful Paradise, and Resolute Reservoir.

It is reported that in recent years, under the leadership of Liu Jianming, Secretary of the Village Party Branch and Director of the Village Committee, Tangdi Village in Keqiao District has extensively mobilized party members, cadres, and the masses to fully participate in the construction of beautiful rural areas. Under the guidance of party building, efforts have been made to create a beautiful rural model village that is prosperous for agriculture, rural areas, society, and culture, and has completed the first batch of 3A level scenic villages in the city. Tangdi Village has been awarded honors such as National Beautiful and Livable Demonstration Village, Zhejiang Civilization Village, Zhejiang Most Beautiful Village, National Ecological and Cultural Village, and National Rural Revitalization Demonstration Village, achieving a beautiful transformation from a remote small mountain village to a beautiful rural demonstration village.


The on-site visit and study to Tangdi Village this time has fully benefited the party workers of Seiko Technology. While experiencing and marveling at the stunning landscape and rich cultural heritage of Tangdi Village, it has also provided many new inspirations and ideas for future party building work.

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