A model of collaboration between industry, academia, and research! Jinggong Technology and Xi'an University of Technology Deeply Promoting School Enterprise Cooperation
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2023/10/31

In order to deepen the cooperation between schools and enterprises, promote the integration of industry, academia, and research, and achieve the sharing of resources between schools and enterprises, Professor Liu Ding, former president of Xi'an University of Technology, and a delegation visited Jinggong Technology for research and exchange on October 30th. Jinggong Technology Chairman Sun Guojun, Executive General Manager Chen Jianhua, and Jinggong New Energy General Manager Lou Jianju received the research and exchange.

Chairman Sun Guojun warmly welcomed the visit of Professor Liu Ding and his delegation, and introduced the development status of the "3+1" industry sector of Seiko Technology, as well as the layout and achievements of the "two main and two auxiliary" industry of Seiko Technology. During the symposium, both sides had in-depth exchanges on continuously deepening school enterprise cooperation, working together to focus on solving industrial problems, and achieving two-way empowerment, with a warm atmosphere.


During the exchange session, Professor Liu Ding introduced the team's achievements in focusing on basic theories and key technologies in the field of new energy, equipment development and core processes, achievement transformation and industrial applications. He looked forward to both sides promoting deep cooperation and development through the same frequency perception with the market, and achieving win-win cooperation.


Chairman Sun Guojun expressed full confidence in promoting the deep integration of industry, academia, and research between both sides. This visit and negotiation has played a positive role in further deepening school enterprise cooperation and working together to tackle difficulties, and has also laid a solid foundation for the next step of expanding exchanges and seeking common development between the two sides. Both sides will form a strong alliance through school enterprise cooperation, fully leveraging the interactive advantages of leading equipment manufacturing enterprises and research platforms. We look forward to focusing on the new energy field to jointly carry out more forward-looking exploration, promote sincere cooperation, collaborative innovation, and overcome difficulties, and jointly write a model of school enterprise cooperation.

Prior to the discussion and exchange, Professor Liu and his delegation, accompanied by company leaders, visited the exhibition hall of Seiko Steel Structure Group, including workshops for carbon fiber equipment, intelligent automation equipment, new energy equipment, Seiko power supply equipment, intelligent construction machinery special equipment, intelligent textile machinery special equipment, precision manufacturing, etc., to gain a detailed understanding of Seiko's overall industrial operation and development from aspects such as industrial layout, technical strength, and manufacturing capabilities.

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