The JINGGONG robot was awarded by KEQIAO District science and Technology Innovation Conference
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2020/12/08


On December 3rd, Keqiao District science and Technology innovation conference and modern textile Jianhu Laboratory launch ceremony was held in Oriental Milan International fashion release Center. At the conference, youmei. Fang, the deputy head of Keqiao District, read out a list of the major advanced honors in scientific and technological innovation of Keqiao District in 2019-2020.Zhejiang Jinggong Robot Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was honored as the 2019 Provincial leading innovation and Entrepreneurship team and won the provincial Advanced Honor. It was selected into the list of the major advanced honors for scientific and technological innovation in the district and was honored at the scene.


Zhejiang Jinggong Robot Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. applies for the leading innovation team of Zhejiang Province in 2019 -- "R&D and Industrialization Innovation Team of complex robot logistics scheduling system in intelligent factory of chemical fiber industry". The team is led by national talents, core technology, the company backbone composed, team focus on research and development of "chemical fiber plus play smart factory logistics system research and development and industrialization" projects, around and can play wit robot on silk, silk and complete set system and chemical fiber paper tube and play smart factory logistics system innovation, the traditional AGV car and have good structure stability of high performance, high precision, combination of multi-joint robot, greatly improve the draw texturing workshop of industrial robot moving efficiency, improve on silk, silk and paper tube factory production chain and logistics management automation level, reduce the enterprise labor costs, At the same time, software programs and hardware control modules are used to carry out modular integration and scheduling management of application platforms with different functions, so as to complete the intelligent logistics planning of the whole factory and realize flexible control.


At the same time, Jinggong Robot has always been committed to the industrialization of research achievements of robot, the "chemical fiber smart factory logistics system research and development and industrialization" project goes well, most of the formal system have been put into use, overwhelming customer response, to reduce the cost, enhance the level of intelligent manufacturing made gratifying achievements, also maximize the played a machine material use value, has greatly improved the working status of the online staff, from simple physical work personnel to manipulation of the intelligent system of technical staff, to solve the employment difficult, logistics problems, not in time to realize automatic production line loading, logistics dispatching automation, intelligent, We will promote the construction of smart factories in the chemical fiber industry.



Future, Jinggong robot will continue to rely on scientific and technological innovation talents, aimed at the world technological frontier, around the strategic, forward-looking, fundamental, original research areas for research, and connecting with the regional industrial development strategy layout and industrial technology innovation needs, actively committed to the industrialization of research achievements, to lead and drive sound and rapid development of the regional industry.

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