Learning technology, enhance quality, exercise ability——Jinggong Science & Technology 12th technical contest come to a successful conclusion
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2020/12/22


In order to further promote the enterprise staff job training, guide the masses of workers to learn technology and practice skills, under the care and support of company party committee and leaders at all levels, recently Jinggong Science & Technology carried out the 12th staff technical competition. A total of 429 employees to participate in this technical competition, the project covers mechanical design, quality inspection, electric welder, fitter, electrician, painter, finish machining etc, nine types of work with wide coverage and strong professional. The competition process included selection recommendation, theoretical preliminaries and practice the final exam. Each stage took the national vocational skill appraisal procedure as a reference, covered one month and finally, under each leadership team’s carefully preparation and cooperation, the technical competition had a successful ending. 


In this activity, the contestants are in full of energy and fighting spirit, show their great skill. In the competition they were focus and meticulous, patience and confidence, strictly follow the standardization process. Compete speed on “Ring”, test skills in actual combat, they showed the attitude of  “keep improving”, vividly portray the new generation of Jinggong workers excellent work form, also the spirit of craftsman in the new era. After tense and fierce competition, there are 32 talents stand out in the end.9 of talents was awarded the title of “senior technician”, 23 talents was awarded the title of “technician”. The skill improving is a continuous repetition and improvement process, participate in skills competition is not an end, but a observation point in the process, hope all the players continue to share experiences off the field, practice craftsmanship in the pursuit of keep moving. 


The Jinggong Science & Technology worker technical contest has been held for 12 sessions, it reflects our attention to the talents cultivation, also is the encouragement and inheritance of craftsmanship spirit. Each session of the competition, our company is committed to create a solid self learning atmosphere, train the employees competitive consciousness, build up “learning theory, appraisal skills, strive for first-class, make contribution” work conception, to provide each employee fair and open platform to show, learn and communicate skills. At the same time, our company is also committed to raise the great mass fervor “learning technology, strong quality and practice ability” through the way of promoting learning and teaching by competition. Through the staff skill levels big parade, to further stimulate the enthusiasm of the workers to keep learning. After this technical competition activity, we have seen in the company constantly emerging of a new generation of outstanding technical staff’s work, felt the pursuit for high standards of the spirit of craftsman, also greatly mobilized the employees’ enthusiasm of learning skills, rolled out a golden road for the workers becoming excellent. 


In recent years, our company cultivate skills talents in each position through rotation training and mentoring methods, also combined with the enterprise actual incentives measures, create growth channel, and create a “respect labor, respect knowledge, respect talent” good atmosphere. There emerged a large number of advanced typical, in each of position to cultivate high-skilled personnel give full play to the lead in technical research and innovation, demonstration and leading role, provided intellectual support and talent guarantee for enterprise high quality development. In the future, company will continue to uphold the talent training concept “appraisal skills, learning technology, set up standard, promote communication, absorbs essence and grow together”, carry out the technical competition consistently, cultivate more and better new practical talents, in order to realize the seamless from theory to practice, realize the decisive winning from manufacturing to creation!

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