Jinggong Robots’ Operation in Labeling and Broadcasting "品Mark-Zhejiang Made"
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2021/12/06


Recently, after the product standard led by Jinggong Robots was once again approved by the Zhejiang Brand Construction Federation as a "品 Mark" group standard, the company has carried out the "Four Hundred Percent" operation of enterprise labeling and brightening.



In this operation, Jinggong Robots closely focused on the promotion of "品Mark-Zhejiang Made " logo, benchmarking standards, quality commitment and other requirements, and actively implemented labeling in various aspects such as factory workshops, product equipment, and external publicity. The work of bright standard further builds a bridge of trust between products and the market, and continuously improves the social visibility, recognition and reputation of "品Mark-Zhejiang Made ".



In the future, Jinggong Robots will continue to adhere to the concept of "品Mark-Zhejiang Made " brand building, based on advanced management, provide high-quality products, build a distinctive brand, give full play to the role of corporate benchmarking, and lead the enterprise with the golden sign of "品Mark-Zhejiang Made " to proceed with high-quality development.

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