Build a solid line of defense, brave and shoulder the fight against the epidemic
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2021/12/13

Recently, Zhenhai District of Ningbo city, Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou city, Shangyu District of Shaoxing City and Yuecheng District reported a number of COVID-19 positive cases, and the situation is very serious. At 16:00 on December 9, Shaoxing launched a level I emergency response. In the face of the outbreak, Jinggong always adheres to the overall situation, strictly implements the measures of "preventing import from outside and preventing rebound from inside" according to the instructions of the provincial, municipal and district governments, earnestly guarantees the health and safety of all employees of the company, and works safely under the premise of comprehensive epidemic prevention and control.

Unite as one to overcome difficulties · Build a solid "anti-epidemic line"

On December 9, the company issued an Urgent Notice on Strengthening epidemic Prevention and control, requiring functional departments, research institutes and sub-companies to fully implement epidemic prevention and control work, spare no effort to fight the epidemic and jointly create a safe and healthy working environment:

1. Plan your travel carefully. All employees are requested to pay close attention to the epidemic information and make reasonable travel arrangements. They are not allowed to go to epidematic-affected areas, border cities, crowded and closed places, and do not invite people from outside the province or from areas with positive cases. For those who really need to go, they should take proper personal protection during the whole journey and report to their village (community) and company before returning.

2. Key personnel actively report. The company will organize a comprehensive survey and real-time tracking of staff travel. Employees who have traveled to cities or counties (cities or districts) in medium-high risk areas in China within 14 days should report to their villages (communities) and companies as soon as possible, and cooperate with the implementation of nucleic acid testing, quarantine observation, daily health monitoring and other health management measures. Nearly 14 days from the high-risk areas in city and province are positive cases of the county (city, area) Keqiao employees (except for high risk areas) in return, but to want to check all inspection check points (textile city sports center stadium gate 6) for the first of two nucleic acid testing (to Keqiao 1 and 4 days respectively after 1 times the nucleic acid detection, has reached the age of 4 days, immediately detect 1).

3Strengthen guard management. When external personnel need to enter the company due to work, the guards shall strictly observe the temperature measurement, bright code (including the health code of vaccination record + 14-day travel card), wear masks, registration and other epidemic prevention regulations, and guard the gate of the company.

4Get vaccinated as soon as possible. Vaccination against COVID-19 can effectively protect individuals and significantly reduce infection rates and severe illness rates. Eligible employees who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 should go to the nearest vaccination site as soon as possible.

5Good self-protection and health monitoring. All staff are requested to enhance self-protection awareness, develop and maintain good health habits such as wearing masks, "one meter noodles", washing hands frequently, frequent ventilation, less gathering, and using chopsticks and spoons. Wear masks and other personal protective measures when receiving guests at work. It is not necessary to go out, and families do not hold gathering activities such as dinner parties. Do daily self-health monitoring. If you have fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, loss of smell (taste) sensation, diarrhea and other uncomfortable symptoms, go to the nearest medical institution that has set up fever clinic (clinic) immediately and tell the truth about your epidemiological history and travel history, and avoid taking public transportation during the period.

Hot issues know how much · authoritative answers see here

A new round of COVID-19 is coming, and Our province is facing a severe prevention and control situation. For the hot issues of epidemic prevention and control of public concern, the professional explanations of the hotline advisory Group of COVID-19 prevention and control of Provincial CDC are as follows:

1.        I have received a message from Zhejiang Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Office. What should I do?

Receive SMS alerts in the epidemic prevention and control of zhejiang province office, said you might come into contact with new crown positive cases or way in high-risk areas. You don't need to panic, report to your community in time, avoid unnecessary going out for the time being, and actively cooperate with nucleic acid testing. If it is verified that you do not have any overlap with COVID-19 positive cases or medium-high risk areas and the nucleic acid test is negative, you can resume your daily life.

2.  Received a flow of calls, how to deal with, how to confirm whether it is a fraud call?

First of all, is the purpose of flow adjustment to the chain of transmission of infectious diseases was found, so epidemiological researchers will ask only name, age, address, occupation, and other personal basic information, health, vaccination, nearly 14 information such as schedule and will not involve assets, bank card account password, transfer amount to freeze property related issues, such as otherwise it may be a fraud, a timely report to the police. Second, please do not panic when you receive a phone call, answer relevant questions truthfully, and actively cooperate with the epidemiological investigation.

3.      What does the itinerary card "*" mean?

City name marked with *, said the city you visited in the past 14 days at present in the medium or high risk areas, but that doesn't mean you actually visited the moderate and high-risk areas. Instead of containing the names of cities in moderate and high-risk areas in red, trip codes will include moderate and high-risk areas in parentheses following the city name. These notes are for travel purposes only and have nothing to do with health conditions. Specific control policies should follow the local joint prevention and control mechanism.

4.      Can I travel with "*"? Will they be quarantined?

For travel card *, need to confirm whether has been to the high-risk areas. People who have traveled to medium-high risk areas will be subject to control in accordance with local prevention and control policies. During the period of intensive observation, all management regulations of the observation sites shall be strictly observed, and nucleic acid testing and health monitoring shall be coordinated to avoid cross-infection. Those who do not have the conditions for home observation shall be subjected to centralized observation. During the period of home observation, the relevant requirements for home observation should be strictly observed, and family protection should be carried out.

Travel cards * will not necessarily be quarantined, depending on the situation, if the user has traveled to a medium-high risk area, it will be quarantined, if the user has not traveled to a medium-high risk area, it will not be quarantined.

5.        If it is the secondary contact of nucleic acid positive person, what are the follow-up health management measures?

If close contacts 1, 3 days nucleic acid test results were negative, and close contacts, 1, 3, 7 day test results were negative, the time close contacts in 7 days to remove isolated medical observation;

If the nucleic acid test results of close contacts are positive on the first and third days, the sub-close contacts will be transferred to close contacts for management. Close contacts should be quarantined for 14 days and put under medical observation at home for 7 days.

6.      What is a spacetime companion?

Refers to the number I stay together with the confirmed number at the same time and space grid more than 10 minutes, and 14 days either number, total length more than 30 hours, find out the number of time and space with number, health code will become yellow with a nature of warning code, and be marked as "time and space with" system. For those accompanied by time and space, refer to "14+7" health management measures.

「Do not relax personal prevention and control. Please keep in mind the key points of epidemic prevention」

Point 1: Wear masks scientifically. Individuals should prepare spare masks at all times, wear masks in crowded or closed places, and wash hands before and after wearing masks. Masks should be used only for limited time and not exceed 8 hours in total.

Point 2: Social distancing. Avoid gathering in small groups, avoid crowd gathering activities, and maintain a "one meter line" social distance when contacting people.

Point 3: Frequent ventilation, keep clean. Keep good hygiene and health habits, frequently open Windows for ventilation, keep indoor air circulation, pay attention to nutrition, moderate exercise.

Point 4: Cough etiquette. When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with your upper arm or tissue to prevent the spread of droplets. Wash your hands after coughing or sneezing.

Point 5: Pay attention to food hygiene. Try to avoid barefoot wading, do not drink raw water, do not eat raw seafood, do not eat spoiled food, do not eat drowned, sick and dead livestock, kitchen processing to raw cooked separate.

Point 6: promote chopsticks etiquette. Eating outside should use chopsticks, spoons, family meals advocate separate meals or equipped with chopsticks, spoons.

Point 7: Strengthening environmental hygiene. Daily cleaning and disinfection should be done regularly, especially in key places such as toilets, kitchens and garbage points. Promptly remove, transport and dispose of garbage, eliminate the breeding environment of mice, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies and other vectors.

Point 8: Take your temperature and check your health code. If you have any uncomfortable symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough or diarrhea, you should report them and see a doctor in time. Wear a mask during the doctor's visit.





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