Jinggong Science & Technology donated epidemic prevention materials to Shangyu traditional Chinese medicine hospital
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2021/12/23

Recently, the epidemic prevention and control work in our province has achieved phased results, but the situation is still severe and complex, especially the epidemic prevention and control in Shangyu has entered a critical period. In order to send care, support and encouragement to the medical heroes fighting in the front line, Jinggong Science & Technology trade union donated a batch of epidemic prevention materials to Shaoxing Shangyu traditional Chinese medicine hospital, fully supported the epidemic prevention and control work in Shangyu District, and fought the epidemic together with the people in their hometown. 


On December 17, 6000 pieces of KN95 masks were assembled and set off immediately, and were sent to the destination as soon as possible. After the epidemic prevention materials were successfully delivered, efficient and standardized unloading operations were carried out on site to ensure that they were put into use as soon as possible and jointly help win the epidemic prevention and control war. 


Epidemic situation is the order, prevention and control is the responsibility. In this special period, as a local enterprise in Shaoxing, Jinggong Science & Technology took positive action to overcome the difficulties, contributed its own strength to the epidemic prevention and control work in his hometown, and interpreted social responsibility and responsibility with practical actions.

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