Small innovation has a big impact! Precision Technology July "Five Small" Achievements Exhibition
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2023/07/31

When the "Five Small" process is underway, small innovations have a significant impact

Seiko Technology's "Five Small" Achievements in July Are Hot

Jinggong New Energy Team "Tempering Furnace Renovation Project"

Honored as the second prize for the achievements of the "Five Small Schools"

have other

Three third prizes

Two fourth prizes

A small suggestion plan

Behind the innovative achievements of each team

It is a continuous exploration of innovative ideas

It is a true extension of striving for excellence

Let's take a look at some representative achievements together

Tempering furnace renovation project

Team: Jinggong New Energy

Completed by: Yu Guanliang, Wang Gang, Shi Yongming, Zhao Guangliang


The new energy equipment team transformed the furnace cavity structure of the semi-finished sintering furnace in the warehouse, upgraded the automation of the pallet car, designed the increased resistance wires and Fire brick domestically, effectively reduced the annealing process time with innovative "small transformation" measures, and earned annual cost savings of more than 700000 yuan.

Dismantling and restructuring project of wiring module

Team: Jinggong New Energy

Completed by: Wang Ji, Peng Tufan


The new energy equipment team disassembled and inspected the inventory of the wiring module, conducted secondary processing and assembly inspection, and achieved a flat end face and dimensions that meet the drawing requirements. The old parts were disassembled and restructured through "minor renovation", and the inventory parts were "revitalized" to achieve reuse, saving nearly 180000 yuan in procurement costs.

Improvement plan for machine packaging

Team: Seiko Intelligent Textile Machinery

Completed by: Zheng Nengzhong


Zheng Nengzhong, the production management department of Seiko Intelligent Textile Machinery, based on years of work experience and meticulous observation and summary, combined with feedback from after-sales commissioning personnel, boldly innovated the packing method, used every inch of space skillfully through "small transformation", improved the form of freight packing, and reduced the number of wooden cases loaded by the original texturing machine by 40% in a straight line on the basis of ensuring the lossless transportation of parts, effectively reducing the transportation cost.

Special tooling project for bearing assembly

Team: Seiko Intelligent Machine Building

Completed by: Xia Jingang, Tong Canqi, Zhu Jiangtao


The Seiko Intelligent Building Machine Assembly Workshop 1 team has designed and manufactured a bearing press assembly machine through a creative transformation of "minor innovation". While ensuring assembly quality, the bearing assembly speed has been increased by four times compared to the original, greatly improving production efficiency and effectively reducing employee labor intensity.

Multi core plug fast detection device project

Team: Seiko Power

Completed by: Jin Yefeng


In order to improve work efficiency, ensure detection accuracy, and reduce work intensity, Jinggong Power Supply Jinyefeng has designed and manufactured a detection device that can quickly detect excellent lines and line numbers accurately in one go through the creation of a "small invention". While ensuring detection accuracy and reducing work intensity, it effectively achieves a 4x improvement in detection efficiency.

Technological innovation drives the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. Jinggong Technology attaches great importance to industrial technology innovation work. Currently, the "Five Small" innovation activities are underway, and we look forward to employees closely connecting with production, operation, and management practices, continuously leveraging the initiative and intelligence of Jinggong people, and stimulating industrial wisdom upgrading through innovation driven innovation!

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