Harvest full! Jinggong Technology "6S" Production Management Training Successfully Conducted
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2023/08/01

In order to further enhance the company's "6S" standardized production management, consolidate the foundation of production management, comprehensively enhance the on-site management ability of production cadres, and create a high standard integrated production management model, from July 22 to July 29, Jinggong Technology organized a "6S" production management training, covering five stages of video teaching, group discussion, implementation of rectification, workshop research, and summary improvement. More than 80 production line cadres and employees participated in the training.


This training specifically invited senior production management experts and visiting professor Liu Lihu from Zhejiang University to conduct teaching. Professor Liu used simple and easy to understand theoretical knowledge, combined with practical cases for on-site teaching, and shared systematic, practical, and effective innovative improvement methods with the students. The entire course content is logically rigorous, closely related to the theme, with prominent points, and case studies that are close to reality, inspiring students' enthusiasm for learning and also inspiring everyone's thinking about work.

In the group discussion stage, students will discuss short-term and long-term issues that need improvement based on the actual situation of their workshop and the "6S" teaching content, and conduct discussions. Through discussions and speeches, the students gained a clearer and clearer understanding of the issues that needed improvement, and determined the timeline for problem rectification one by one, further implementing and implementing the improvement of "6S" management.

On July 29th, after the first stage of rectification, leaders and representatives of various industrial production lines conducted on-site investigations in various workshops. Everyone exchanged ideas, summarized and improved, and each industry ultimately refined and summarized their management advantages and areas for improvement. From then on, one wisdom became the wisdom of six, and the team's strength was truly unleashed. The leaders and cadres of the production line are full of confidence in the deepening and implementation of the "6S".

Through this systematic training, everyone has come to understand that "6S" is not only about organizing, rectifying, cleaning, and cleaning the workshop, but also about reflecting the company's culture through "6S" management. The "6S" management requires comprehensive and systematic improvement throughout the entire process, with emphasis on practice and persistence. We look forward to promoting 6S management quickly, comprehensively, and deeply by clarifying standards, paying attention to details, emphasizing execution, and assisting in the comprehensive improvement of the company's refined management level and production quality in various industries.

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