Happy summer vacation! Seiko Technology "Cute Baby" Appears
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2023/08/21

Every summer vacation, "little migratory birds" become the most cherished group of people in summer. In order to better care for the frontline employees of Seiko and their children, the Youth League Committee of Seiko Holdings Group collaborates with the Seiko Technology Union and Youth League Committee to carry out the annual "Little Migratory Bird" summer camp activity. From August 14th to 18th, 40 young Seiko workers entered Seiko Technology and embarked on an unforgettable summer camp trip.

The first day of summer camp is an unknown exploration journey. In various industrial workshops of Seiko Technology, small precision workers explore the charm of intelligent equipment, and immerse themselves in the profound heritage of the intangible cultural heritage of Huangjiu at the Kuaiji Mountain Huangjiu Museum; In the flower carving and painting classroom, unleash every whimsical idea and meticulously create a jar of "Cute Baby Flower Carving Wine".

Harvest the joy of homemade food in puzzle games and food segments. Xiaojing workers carry out puzzle board games such as Gobang, Checkers, Flying Chess, and Chess, learn to make summer delicacies such as fruit yogurt and sushi, and simply create the joy of "I am great" by making their own.

Start a heartfelt conversation with fun handmade and animated viewing. In the fun handicraft course, young craftsmen meticulously depict their beloved parents in colorful sculptures, gazing at their superheroes with genuine affection; Watching the movie "Thirty Thousand Li in Chang'an", the young craftsmen spent three hours listening to 48 poems, and touched the charm of Tang poetry in the stirring world of Chang'an.

Understand oral health knowledge and ensure early oral protection. On the fourth day of the summer camp, the young precision workers carried out the "I am a Little Dentist" science popularization activity, gaining a detailed understanding of the structure of teeth, the development process of dental caries, how to brush teeth, how to protect teeth, and a series of oral health knowledge. During the interactive activity, everyone experienced oral examinations, actively raised their hands to answer questions, and gained a lot.

Full of passion, I am a Chinese youth who is brave and never retreats, wise and responsible, and soars. When the song "Half Life Snow" by the young precision workers rings, the "Little Migratory Bird" summer camp of Jinggong in 2023 also comes to an end. This two-way journey that inherits the love and care of precision workers will also become a precious witness to the summer camp time of Jinggong in another year.


With a brilliant smile

A colorful depiction with imaginative ideas

Free and happy outdoor gathering exploration

Seiko Summer Camp Carrying Love and Care

Witnessing another two-way journey of precision workers

Little precision workers

We'll see you again next year!!

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