Innovation ING! Jinggong Technology's First Prize in the "Five Small" Achievements in August
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2023/09/01

Innovative ING, small renovation brings great benefits!

Seiko Technology's "Five Small" Achievements in August Are Hot

Seiko New Materials Team "Nitrogen Oxide Ultra Low Emission System"

Renovation project awarded first prize for "Five Small" Innovation

Generate another

Two third prizes

Three fourth prizes

Achievements of each team

Agglomerating the proactive exploration of team members

And the pursuit of excellence through continuous improvement

Congratulations to them!!!

Let's take a look at the innovation achievements in August

Transformation achievements of nitrogen oxide ultra-low emission system

Team: Seiko New Materials

Completed by: Mou Jie, Zhou Sai

During the carbonization stage of carbon fiber production, a large amount of nitrogen oxides are generated. In order to better improve denitrification efficiency and quickly meet emission standards, the Seiko New Materials team creatively tested and positioned the SNCR urea injection point in the T0 direct combustion furnace, replacing SCR to efficiently achieve exhaust gas denitrification treatment, with high denitrification efficiency. The innovation of this "minor renovation" will effectively reduce the cost of 1.1 million yuan per unit of the waste gas treatment system.

Achievements of hand operated thumb wheel tooling and pneumatic expansion shaft hydraulic tooling

Team: Carbon fiber industry

Completed by: Gao Qi, Wu Jianjiang


In order to improve the assembly accuracy of bearings, the carbon fiber industry team has a deep understanding of the installation process and successfully produced a "hand operated thumb wheel fixture", achieving a 150% increase in component assembly efficiency; In order to improve the quality of details, the team successfully remade the "inflatable shaft hydraulic fixture" using old parts, improving the assembly efficiency of the inflatable shaft by 87.5%. While significantly improving efficiency, it also further improves the quality of the product.

Design improvement results of lateral displacement mechanism

Team: Seiko Intelligent Machine Building

Completed by: Ping Huafeng


In order to improve the process of polyurethane rock wool composite board production line, the R&D department of Jinggong Intelligent Construction Technology, Pinghuafeng, has conducted research on the lateral movement mechanism and actively improved the design. By improving the structural process, the entire lateral movement mechanism has been integrated into a synchronous belt structure, which can reduce the installation and maintenance costs of the production line and bring good noise reduction treatment to operation, further enhancing the overall image and product competitiveness of the production line.

Achievements of door base adhesive fixture

Team: Jinggong New Energy

Completed by: Mao Hongwei


Mao Hongwei, from the Seiko New Energy Special Parts Business Unit, created a door base adhesive fixture with the creative idea of "small innovation". The fixture is positioned after bonding with the components, and the continuous tightening force applied by the hinge bracket ensures the quality of component bonding, significantly improves the assembly qualification rate, and provides detailed control for the product.

Consolidation and optimization results of furnace body and cover lifting tooling

Team: Jinggong New Energy

Completed by: Zhou Lijiang, Lu Guolin


In order to improve work, the Seiko New Energy Equipment team merged and optimized the lifting fixtures for furnace bodies and covers, saving time for tool replacement and achieving a 67% increase in daily furnace body and cover cleaning efficiency. Significantly, this optimized fixture can also be extended to other specifications of furnace bodies and new energy complete equipment projects, and the significance of innovation and improvement is obvious.

Achievements of furnace cover airtight tooling

Team: Jinggong New Energy

Completed by: Xu Tuanjie, Fu Chunlin


In order to improve the water pressure process in the furnace, the Seiko New Energy Precision Manufacturing team has created a furnace cover airtight fixture through a "small innovation" initiative. The single furnace sealing process, which originally required frequent debugging and took 40 minutes to complete, has been shortened to 10 minutes through almost zero cost technology, achieving a 75% efficiency improvement and greatly reducing employee workload. This achievement has also been unanimously praised by the workers and masters!

Small innovations contain great wisdom and also carry the initiative and progress of precision workers! At present, a good atmosphere of innovation and creation has been formed within the entire industry of Seiko Technology. We look forward to these innovations creating vitality, solving production difficulties, improving quality and efficiency, and promoting various industries to achieve more quality, efficiency, and sustainable development!

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