Zhejiang Huarui Aviation General Manager Xie Fuyuan and his delegation visited and exchanged ideas with Jinggong Technology
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2023/09/06

On the afternoon of September 4th, Xie Fuyuan, General Manager of Zhejiang Huarui Aviation and Director of the Provincial Aircraft Composite Material Technology Innovation Center, led a delegation to visit Jinggong Technology, accompanied by Liu Qiang, Deputy General Manager of Zhejiang Mechanical and Electrical Group Co., Ltd. and Deputy General Manager of Huarui Aviation. Leaders such as Sun Guojun, Chairman of Jinggong Technology, Wu Haixiang, General Manager, and Chen Jianhua, Executive General Manager, participated in the reception.


General Manager Xie Fuyuan and his delegation visited the workshops and exhibition halls of Seiko Technology, including carbon fiber equipment, intelligent automation equipment, new energy equipment, Seiko power supply equipment, intelligent construction equipment, precision manufacturing, etc., to gain a detailed understanding of Seiko's overall industrial operation and development in terms of industrial layout, technical strength, and precision manufacturing capabilities.

Chairman Sun Guojun warmly welcomed the arrival of General Manager Xie Fuyuan and his delegation, and introduced the development situation of the group's 3+1 industry sector. The focus was on the company's development strategy of focusing on "carbon fiber (new materials) equipment, carbon neutrality (new energy) equipment", consolidating the development of intelligent construction machinery and intelligent textile machinery industries, continuously deepening equipment development processes and technologies, and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading.


During the survey, General Manager Xie Fuyuan and his team affirmed the development achievements of various industries in Seiko Technology and discussed the next steps of cooperation between the two sides. He expressed his expectation that both sides will fully leverage their technological and resource advantages based on actual needs, and continuously promote the further optimization of the core capabilities and comprehensive strength of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry in Zhejiang Province.


Chairman Sun stated that as a leader in domestic high-end integrated equipment technology and a driving force for industrial upgrading, Seiko Technology has a mission of "green equipment, China's intelligent manufacturing", inheriting the brand's dedicated equipment research and development and precision manufacturing process for over 50 years, always adhering to craftsmanship, quality, and innovation leadership. We look forward to both parties jointly building, sharing, and promoting the sustainable development of the industrial chain ecology, To contribute precision and wisdom to promoting the intelligent upgrading and industrial prosperity of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

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