Shine in the Middle East! Seiko Technology Appears at the UAE Polyurethane Exhibition
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2023/09/20

Recently, the Middle East Polyurethane Exhibition has successfully concluded at the Dubai World Trade Center. Seiko Intelligent Construction Machinery, a brand under Seiko Technology, and its best-selling polyurethane rock wool continuous production line, have made an appearance at the exhibition. Together with the industry, they have gathered wisdom to fully showcase the development and application of polyurethane products and equipment in various fields.


During the exhibition, the Seiko Intelligent Construction Team received customers from the Middle East and surrounding countries, had in-depth communication and dialogue with industry experts and upstream suppliers, actively sought partners, and explored win-win solutions. The continuous production line of Jinggong Technology polyurethane rock wool has attracted professionals from both inside and outside the industry to stop, visit, and negotiate.

As the influential foaming technology and polyurethane material exhibition in the Middle East this year, UTECH MEFPU is a grand platform for leading brands and enterprises in the polyurethane industry to showcase their products and technologies to potential business partners from around the world. After the epidemic, more exhibitors and visitors will gather at the exhibition, and Seiko Intelligent Construction Machinery is committed to working with the industry to promote continuous breakthroughs in material research and development, process innovation, and other aspects of the polyurethane industry, helping to continuously improve the industry's technological level.

After the exhibition, the Seiko Intelligent Construction Team launched a visit itinerary for new and old customers in the Middle East region, visiting 10 new and old customer units in the United Arab Emirates and Oman. They conducted in-depth research and service on the use of production lines and after-sales satisfaction, actively understanding customer needs, exploring cooperation opportunities, and further expanding the radiation efficiency of Seiko Technology's polyurethane rock wool continuous production line in the global market, Continuously enhancing the influence of the company's brand in the field of specialized equipment worldwide.

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