Another good news! Jinggong Technology was awarded the title of "Industrial Design Center" in Zhejiang Province
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2023/10/19

Recently, the Department of Economy and Information Technology of Zhejiang Province released a document titled "List of Industrial Design Centers for 2023". Zhejiang Jinggong Integrated Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Jinggong Technology") was successfully awarded the title of "Provincial Industrial Design Center for 2023", which is an important recognition of Jinggong Technology's rich design innovation achievements and leading design level at present.


Industrial design plays a crucial role in the manufacturing industry, not only related to the appearance and user experience of products, but also delves into multiple aspects such as product functionality, manufacturing processes, and environmental awareness. By improving the design of functions, concepts, and methods, the added value of the product can be significantly increased, and the core competitiveness of the equipment can be further enhanced. At the same time, it will also bring customers more diversified and high-quality choices.

Skilled in technology and skilled in quality. Seiko Technology has always attached great importance to the development of industrial design. Because we firmly believe that excellent product design can not only drive product innovation, but also further improve the production efficiency of the chain industry, and will continue to expand brand influence. Since the establishment of the brand, we have taken on the responsibility of upgrading from "Made in China" to "Intelligent" manufacturing in China, and deeply cultivated the manufacturing industry with excellent craftsmanship spirit.

The company relies on doctoral and master's talents, as well as research workstations, and has successively built national postdoctoral workstations, provincial-level foreign expert workstations, provincial-level enterprise technology centers, provincial-level enterprise research institutes and other research platforms. It has successfully implemented more than 100 national, provincial, municipal, and district research projects, developed more than 150 cutting-edge and high value-added products, and has over 1200 patents and technological achievements, We have been awarded the titles of National Specialized, Refined, and New "Little Giant" Enterprise, National High tech Enterprise, and the first batch of small technology giant enterprises in Zhejiang Province.

Only reformers advance, only innovators are strong, and only reform innovators win. This recognition is a full affirmation of Seiko Technology's design innovation ability, design level, and design value. Next, Seiko Technology will take the honor of "Provincial Industrial Design Center" as an opportunity to continuously transform and upgrade towards intelligence, digitization, and automation. At the same time, it will continue to strengthen demonstration guidance and experience promotion, and continuously contribute the wisdom and strength of Seiko Technology brand to promote the high-quality development of China's equipment intelligent manufacturing.

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