Focus on new energy! Seiko Technology and Xi'an University of Technology Accelerate the Promotion of Industry, Education and Research Deep fusion
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2023/10/19

In order to accelerate the integration of industry, academia, and research, deepen cooperation between institutions and enterprises, cultivate innovative talents, and transform achievements, on October 16th, Dean Zeng Zhaozhi of the Technology Research Institute of Xi'an University of Technology visited Jinggong Technology for research and exchange. Jinggong Technology Chairman Sun Guojun, General Manager Li Aijun, Executive General Manager Chen Jianhua, Deputy General Manager Wang Yongfa, and Jinggong New Energy General Manager Lou Jianju received the research.

Chairman Sun Guojun warmly welcomed the visit of President Zeng Zhaozhi and his delegation, and introduced the strategic plan and transformation achievements of Seiko Technology's focus on the development of the "dual carbon" main business. Subsequently, Dean Zeng Zhaozhi introduced the current scientific research development and school enterprise training achievements of Xi'an University of Technology. During the symposium, both sides had in-depth exchanges on focusing on the application of technology and industrialization in the field of new energy, and jointly cultivating outstanding technical talents, with a warm atmosphere.


Dean Zeng Zhaozhi stated that the main purpose of this visit is to determine the goal of industrial innovation and upgrading. Based on the market and meeting the actual needs of precision technology, the advantages of the research platform of the institute will be utilized for targeted empowerment and upgrading. Innovative talent will be diverted to create a practical base, and the transformation and industrialization of technological achievements will be promoted. At the same time, high-quality projects that can be industrialized will be continuously explored to promote sustainable innovation and upgrading of the industry.


General Manager Li Aijun stated that in the continuous innovation, transformation and upgrading of the industry and high-quality development of enterprises, Seiko Technology has laid a solid foundation for the development of specialized equipment for over 50 years. Xi'an University of Technology has mature scientific research technology and project research results, and everyone has a common pursuit and desire to promote equipment manufacturing and industrial upgrading. We look forward to both sides working together to focus on forward-looking exploration in the field of new energy and promote both sides to achieve sustained high-quality development.


Chairman Sun Guojun has high hopes for accelerating the deepening of integration between the two sides. He stated that industry university research cooperation is an innovation engine for accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading, and an important lever for promoting the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. Next, based on the needs of national development and equipment upgrading, Seiko Technology will accelerate the process of industry university research cooperation with Xi'an University of Technology, innovate and customize the cultivation of talents required for industrial transformation and upgrading, promote the deep chain of innovation, talent, and industry chains of high-level scientific research platforms, and jointly inject a continuous stream of innovation momentum to promote the continuous breakthrough of China's new energy technology and achieve high-quality development of equipment intelligent manufacturing.

After the symposium, President Zeng and his delegation, accompanied by company leaders, visited the workshops of Seiko Carbon Fiber Equipment, Intelligent Automation Equipment, New Energy Equipment, Seiko Power Equipment, and Intelligent Building Machinery Special Equipment, and learned about the development of Seiko Technology from multiple aspects such as industrial layout, production site, and technical strength.

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