Faster, farther, closer! The 5th Seiko Workers' Games has come to a successful conclusion
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2023/11/21

Ignite the passion of early winter and gather the strength of precision craftsmanship. On November 18, 2023, the 5th Seiko (Shaoxing region) Workers' Games were successfully held at Zhijiang College of Zhejiang University of Technology. The sports event, with the theme of "faster, farther, and closer", covered 20 small sports in three major types: competition, parent-child, and fun. It is the largest sports event in Seiko history with the most participants, the most complete competitive projects, and the largest scale of events after the formation of the five green industry sectors of Seiko.

This sports meet is hosted by the Seiko Holdings Group Trade Union Federation and the Seiko Technology Trade Union Committee. As one of the organizers, Sun Guojun, Chairman of Seiko Technology, and Li Aijun, General Manager, attended the opening ceremony. We will also invite the Party Secretary and Director of Jinggong Holdings Group, Fang Chaoyang, and leaders from the five major industrial sectors of the group to attend together.

Bathed in the warm winter sun, the national flag, group company flag formation, and various representative team formations entered the venue one after another. As they passed the podium, each representative team held unique and unique creative ceremonies, receiving cheers from the members of the Seiko family present.


For the first time, a fusion square composed of parent-child representatives from various Seiko companies, holding hands and bathing in golden sunshine and dreamy bubbles, was formed. The young Seiko people, like sunflowers, were born towards the sun, full of vitality and hope, symbolizing the integration, coexistence, and growth of the Seiko family, and also symbolizing the inheritance and prosperity of the Seiko industry from generation to generation.


After entering the square, Sun Guojun, Chairman of Seiko Technology, delivered an opening speech. He stated that Seiko people's shared vision of "adhering to green development" and "strengthening and optimizing Seiko" has converged in various industries. He expressed his message that Seiko people should enjoy every stage of their lives, feel the release and passion brought by every movement, harvest a healthy body, maintain vitality and vitality, and make new and greater contributions to the high-quality development of various industries.

Fang Chaoyang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of Jinggong Holdings Group, announced the opening of the sports meet. The youthful cheerleading and rhythmic mechanical dance song "Tractor" pushed the atmosphere of the sports meet to its first climax.

Running under the warm winter sun, chasing dreams on the shouting field. Seiko Technology has carefully prepared for the six industries and organized 60 athletes to participate in the sports meet.

On the runway, they put in all their strength, surpass themselves, and strive bravely for the first place, making their hard work the most shining moment of this winter!

The clear and resounding sound of hitting the ball, the crisp and sharp blows, and the back and forth pulling of points and lines, resonate with the freedom and struggle on the court, the vitality and vitality of life!


Intense cheers, cheerful laughter, and the faces of children and parents are filled with happiness and joy. Through sports, they feel love and companionship, converging into the warmest scenery of winter.

In addition to competitive events, there are also fun matches and tug of war competitions where the elite work together to shoulder heavy burdens, move the world, and work together. The elite work together, grit their teeth, and persevere to the end. This is a true portrayal of all the elite work together, overcome themselves, and challenge their limits!

In the final moments of the championship and runner up battles in the basketball stadium, the scores were tied time and time again, and the sound of "bang bang" basketball echoed in every corner of the court.


Throughout the entire event, the Seiko Technology event preparation team, with a professional spirit of "dedication, innovation, and care" and a dedicated spirit of dedication, organized a team of nearly a hundred people to implement all aspects of the Luoxi Games and provide protection for the entire event.

The shouting atmosphere group accompanied the heat of the scene, using the "first golden song" that hit the heart perfectly and continuously ignited the entire arena.

There is also a logistics support team, who provides warm and comprehensive support to ensure the orderly progress of the competition


After a day of tense and intense competition, Li Aijun, General Manager of Seiko Technology, announced the results of the sports meet. This year's sports meet produced a total of 36 individual awards, 18 collective awards, 6 parent-child awards, and the Seiko Technology team won the third prize of the group award!

The annual employee sports meet brings a sunny and healthy spiritual outlook to the elite workers. More importantly, it activates the enthusiasm of the elite workers and once again gathers their spirit. I believe that all Seiko people will continue to bring this spirit and passion of "unity, perseverance, and pursuit of excellence" to their respective work positions, and continue to create a "faster, farther, and more approachable" Seiko future.

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