High specification and high level! Seiko Intelligent Spinning Machine Appears Heavenly at ITMA Asia Textile Mechanical Exhibition
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2023/11/27

From November 19th to 23rd, 2023, the highly anticipated China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia+CITME opened grandly at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Sun Guojun, Chairman of Jinggong Technology, led the Jinggong Intelligent Spinning Machine team to showcase the brand's new JGT1000 series false twist deformation machine and the latest integrated solution for textile intelligent equipment at this exhibition.

At this exhibition, the Jinggong Intelligent Spinning Machine booth showcased a super luxurious "full range of products", showcasing the JGT series false twisting and deformation machines, JGR series rotor spinning machines, JGC series wrapping machines, JGW series winding machines, and other models representing the most cutting-edge textile machinery technology in China. The industry-leading yarn quality and high-quality forming and unwinding technology can meet various customer needs.


The latest JGT1000HA false twisting and deformation machine launched by Jinggong Intelligent Spinning Machine is equipped with advanced technologies such as "electronic forming" and "shaking electricity without stopping". It can still operate normally after 0.5 seconds of power outage, greatly reducing the impact of downtime caused by thunderstorms and voltage fluctuations. It has received enthusiastic feedback from visitors.


The all-new JGW109 series single control winding machine has undergone dedicated research and development by a precision intelligent spinning machine R&D team, equipped with the leading electronic forming technology in the JGC series wrapping yarn machine industry, accurately meeting the convenience needs of customers and receiving continuous praise from visitors.


During the five-day exhibition, the Jinggong Technology booth attracted heavyweight leaders, industry experts, domestic and foreign experts, and professional customers to visit. The Chairman of Jinggong Technology, Sun Guojun, and the Executive Director of Jinggong Intelligent Spinning Machine, Wu Haixiang, led the Jinggong Intelligent Spinning Machine team to introduce the brand's latest models and unique leading technologies of each model, creating a lively atmosphere on site.


It is worth mentioning that on November 21st, Chen Hao, Secretary of the Keqiao District Party Committee, and his delegation visited the Jinggong Intelligent Spinning Machine booth, visited the brand's latest JGT1000HA false twist deformation machine, and focused on learning about the latest textile machinery technology. Secretary Chen Hao expressed appreciation for the continuous innovation of intelligent spinning machine technology in Seiko Intelligent Spinning Machine, and encouraged the team to continue working hard on research and innovation.

During the exhibition, the Seiko Intelligent Spinning Machine booth received multiple attention from both inside and outside the industry. General Manager Shen Jianming has been interviewed by multiple mainstream media outlets in the industry, endorsing intelligent spinning machines and showcasing Seiko Intelligent Spinning Machine equipment with lower energy consumption, intelligence, and speed to the world.


Proficient in technology, skilled in quality, competing in technology, and refining intelligent manufacturing. Since the establishment of the brand, Jinggong Technology has always adhered to craftsmanship, quality, innovation and upgrading, assisting the development of the national light textile industry, and leading the trend and development of the textile machinery industry.


In the future, Seiko Intelligent Textile Machinery will always adhere to the "Seiko Quality" of inheriting brand craftsmanship, continue to deepen the manufacturing and development of textile intelligent equipment, continuously improve equipment innovation with more forward-looking technology, and work together with the industry to create a better future for intelligent manufacturing of textile machinery.

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