Jinggong Technology was approved to set up a “national post-doctoral research station”
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2010/10/04

After the National Postdoctoral Management Committee organized expert review and approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Zhejiang Jinggong Technology Co., Ltd. was approved to set up a national postdoctoral research station to carry out postdoctoral work. Our company has become the only company in Shaoxing County that has been approved to establish a national post-doctoral research station this year.

The post-doctoral research station of the enterprise is an effective carrier for combining production, study and research, and enhancing the independent innovation capability of the enterprise. The company will formulate practical and post-doctoral work management rules, gradually establish and improve the post-doctoral work management system, and conscientiously implement the various national post-doctoral management systems and Relevant requirements, and actually strengthen the construction of workstations. The establishment of scientific research workstations will provide a new broad space for the company to cultivate and attract high-level professional and technical talents that meet the needs of enterprise development, enhance research and development capabilities, promote technological innovation and product upgrading, and promote the construction of innovation systems.

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