The 11th Provincial People's Congress representatives visited Jinggong Technology
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2010/12/22

On December 21st, the 11th National People's Congress deputy director of the Shaoxing Municipal People's Congress, Huang Qiufang, Shaoxing County Party Committee Deputy Secretary, and the county magistrate Sun Yunyao accompanied the leaders of Jinggong Technology to visit and inspect, Jin Liangshun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jinggong Group, Jinggong Jin Yueshun, deputy general manager of science and technology, Wu Haixiang and Wang Zhijuan, deputy general managers, accompanied the leaders to visit the solar polysilicon ingot furnace and building materials machinery production workshop.

Chairman Kim introduced the layout and development of Jinggong Technology to the deputies of the National People's Congress, and introduced in detail the development of Jinggong Technology in the field of photovoltaic solar energy and its equipment and some achievements. The deputies of the National People's Congress heard the introduction of Chairman Jin. Afterwards, he fully affirmed the development of Jinggong Technology, especially in the field of photovoltaic equipment.

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