China's listed company's 36th Finance Summit Forum was held in Suzhou
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2011/11/29

From the afternoon of November 24th to the 25th, the 36th Financial Summit Forum of China's listed companies jointly sponsored by Zhejiang Jinggong Technology Co., Ltd. and Tianjian Certified Public Accountants was held at Suzhou Dushu Lake Conference Hotel.

As the organizer, Sun Jianjiang, the chairman of Jinggong Technology, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the conference and expressed warm welcome and sincere greetings to the participants. He introduced the industrial structure, development process and successful realization of product structure adjustment and industry. The transformation and upgrading to the leap of scale expansion, and the ambitious development goal of “Shengong Technology to be a 100-year enterprise in energy and equipment”, I wish this meeting a complete success. The meeting was hosted by Tian Jian Certified Public Accountants Hu Jianjun and Han Houjun.

The organizers invited Zhou Qinye, deputy general manager of Shanghai Stock Exchange, Liu Feng, professor of accounting department of Xiamen University School of Management, and Jiang Yuhua, deputy director of Zhejiang Securities Regulatory Bureau, to give guidance to them, and respectively speed up the internal governance of Chinese listed companies and the docking capital market. In-depth discussions on issues related to corporate development, securities regulation and information disclosure were conducted.

The meeting lasted for one and a half days, with 121 companies and 285 delegates attending the meeting.

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