Company employees participate in voluntary blood donation activities organized
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2014/11/20

Blood, is the source of life, the truth is that people passing red ties. Blood donation is a selfless dedication, heal the sick, to carry forward the noble humanitarian behavior is the responsibility and obligation of every citizen. Ensure the blood supply to ensure blood safety related to the health interests of the people and the well-being of millions of households. Meanwhile, blood donation benefits the country as a public service career, is the relationship between social harmony and stability, family well-being of the people's livelihood projects, is the symbol of a city of civilization and progress. To respond positively to blood donation work to ensure that the needs and safety of blood for clinical use to promote and disseminate dedication, life-saving virtues of the Chinese nation. Huashe November 18, 2014 voluntary blood donation activities, Ltd. Shaoxing Kuaijishan organization. Refinement technology 26 employees extend the hand of friendship, voluntarily joined the ranks of voluntary blood donation, the full spirit of "one for all, all for one" dedication, to let people around us need treatment receive timely treatment , to enable patients to receive timely infusion, a dedication to their love. Them through their actions, to bring life and hope to others, but also to society as a whole to bring the love of the sun!

Donor list:
Jinwei Li, Yang Xingping, Hung Chao, Sun Jianyang, Wei Guodong, Huang Ming, hi-Ray, Wang Zhiliang, Chen Jinjiang, Zhang Guomiao, I Spring Garden, Zhou Jian, Tan giveth grace, Zhou Lifeng,Hu Weifeng, Li Bing, Zhu handsome wave, Chen Chao, Huang Wenbing, Shao Jin State, Maoshao Zhen, Donghua Feng, Ding Miao Long, Chen Bin, Huang Si Hill, Chu Yuxiang.

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