Leaders of the Economic and Information Bureau of Xindu District of Chengdu inspected Jingheng Data
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2019/12/11

On December 6, Wang Gaoli, deputy investigator of the Economic and Information Technology Bureau of Xindu District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, and Shen Baoling, general manager of Sichuan Zhongdu Data Technology Co., Ltd. and other leaders visited Jingheng Data. Xiang and other leaders participated in the reception.


During the discussion, Mr. Xiang first extended a warm welcome to the arrival of investigator Wang Gaoli and general manager Shen Baoling. Later, Mr. Xiang made a comprehensive introduction to Jingheng Data's products, services, production lines, and development planning. After understanding the overview of Jingheng Data, the investigator Wang Gaoli introduced to our company the Chengdu Metro Chengdu Orbital Transportation Aviation Headquarters Base and Digital Economy Industry Center Project, which covers big data, aerospace, rail transportation and other industries. Focus on data storage and application, focus on artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing and other areas for research and development, provide third-party data center services for companies such as Internet technology, and look forward to reaching two-way cooperation in the future.


Xiang Xiang said that since the establishment of Jingheng Data, the scale of production has been expanding, product types are increasingly diversified, and the level of technology and services has been increasing. He has always been committed to providing high-quality products and services for more data center projects to help big data. Industry development.


In the end, Deputy Investigator Wang and President Shen accompanied our company to pay a field visit to Jingheng Data's intelligent cabinet production workshop, and learned more about the server cabinets, cold aisles, all-in-ones, micro modules, etc. Products and praise our intelligent production line and data center infrastructure products, and look forward to achieving win-win cooperation.

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