"Three specialties" mode promotes development
Party members are experts

All party members are professional experts in technology. Any party members and individuals who enter the company are tailor-made to determine the direction and subject of professional and technical research. Therefore, every party member has a skill. Strengthening party spirit and improving technological innovation, and fruitful results! 

Party group is a special group

In order to serve the needs of enterprise development, Jinggong Science and Technology Party Committee uses technology as a link in the division of party groups, and classifies party members with identity and relevance, which is beneficial to exerting the advantages of technical party members and mobilizing work enthusiasm. Conducive to the spirit of teamwork. Jinggong Technology has set up 10 party groups and has gradually grown into a technical team.

Party branch is a professional platform

Jinggong Technology has seven party branches. Except for the administrative party branch and the research party branch, each of the other party branches has a relatively independent industry. Each industry has a party branch, which has truly formed a branch and a fortress, a fortress and an industry party building leading pattern.

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