"Double belt" condenses development momentum
Party members bring talents, party building technology

Technical competition, nurturing the backbone - Jinggong Science and Technology Party Committee held the "I am a party member to see me" training and technical competition, which has been held for nine consecutive years. Over the years, Jinggong Science and Technology Party Committee has extended the scope of technical competitions, expanded the scope of employees' competitions, and arranged professional training for employees of each type of work, so that the skills were covered by all the skills, and the shortcomings were analyzed. . In the past 9 years, a total of 212 technical backbones were selected.

Talent-oriented, people-oriented enterprises - 1 national post-doctoral workstation, 1 provincial-level enterprise research institute, 1 provincial-level high-tech enterprise research and development center, 1 provincial-level enterprise technology center, 1 academician, 1 Guoqian experts, 1 Zhejiang Province 151 talents, 5 district-level top talents, 2 district-level 531 industry special talents, 180 R&D talents, 458 junior college graduates and above.

Technical inheritance, tempering craftsmen - ordinary positions are extraordinary tempering, the company party committee also promotes the "two new party building" by promoting the "artisan spirit", and uses the "artisan spirit" to strengthen the ideal, strengthen the role, and temper the party spirit. In the process of cultivating "artisans", the party's political leadership is realized. Every Jinggong technology person really pays, integrates into the development of the enterprise, and creates a brilliant enterprise...

The winner of the "Million Artisan Library", the winner of the "Golden Shuttle Award" and "Silver Shuttle Award", Xia Guojun, Yu Yujun

Jinggong Group "Top Ten Craftsmen" came to Divin

Keqiao District “Top Ten Outstanding Craftsman” Mao Guojian

In 2016, 24 employees were selected in the 10,000 artisan library

Party building with group building, concentrating

Party group pulls, and is determined to improve - the company's party committee has carried out condolences to the old party members' activities, party and day activities, attending party classes, listening to party members' deeds report, revisiting the "Party of Oaths" and pursuing the red footprint. Going deep into the front line to send "Party Zhang", "Jinggong Internal Journal" and other learning materials, together with the United Front Work Contact Station to carry out the "Rookie Innovation Competition" in the new class personnel, to provide employees with an innovation stage.

Colorful culture, condensing people's hearts——Incorporating interest groups and hobbies to set up interest groups such as correspondents, photography, yoga clubs, literature and art; conducting networking activities for single youths and rehearsing the Mid-Autumn Festival show, which is well received and inspiring.

Helping the poor, helping the staff——For a long time, the company has established a set of support mechanisms, doing high-temperature condolences, difficult workers' condolences, establishing difficult employee support centers, employee mutual funds, and so on. The development of a series of activities has played a positive role in educating and guiding party members and employees.

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