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Stator laser welding of new energy automobile stator



One of the core components of new energy vehicles is drive motor, in order to achieve the new energy vehicles in batches of production, improve the motor stator’s production efficiency and quality becomes very necessary. 

General solution 

The stator of motor is made by stacking silicon steel sheets. Generally, welding is used to weld several welds along the axial direction of the stack of stator, so that the silicon steel sheets can be firmly connected together. This will not only make the process simple, but also increases the insulation resistance between the stator silicon steel sheets and increases the effective permeance cross section, thus improving the quality of the motor.


Traditional manual arc welding due to small heat, large heat affected zone, welds are not smooth and can't be automated, low efficiency and other factors, now rarely used. TIG welding arc stability because of the arc, good elasticity, without filling the metal, welding parameters easy to control, weld smooth and clean, no splash and other factors, widely used. However, due to silicon steel sheet with high silicon content, so it conduces poor weldability, easy to crack after welding and hard to weld.


So in recent years the use of laser welding has become a very promising alternative.

Laser welding solutions 

Laser welding is the laser output of high power density of the laser beam through the focus, so that the spot is small, energy concentration, high density, heating efficiency, then the welding metal deformation is small. Because silicon steel is a silicon content higher, lower carbon content of ferrosilicon alloy, its low thermal conductivity, thermal sensitivity, is conducive to rapid heating with a laser beam melting, it can form a good connection weld.


Zhejiang Jinggong Robotics&Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-power laser applications. It adopts imported high-power laser to carry the welding head and adopts Siemens 840D CNC shaft to realize the one-time welding of the whole stator.


Compared with the traditional argon arc welding, the efficiency is improved by 5-8 times, the weld quality is close to perfect and the heat affected zone is very small. The entire automatic laser welding unit can really achieve the stator chip assembly, compression, laser welding and automatic cutting the entire process automatically. Greatly improving the new energy automotive motor stator production efficiency and quality, and ultimately for the realization of new energy vehicles in batches, high-quality production to provide the perfect solution.

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