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Exhaust gas (hydrogen + chlorosilane) recovery technology

In order to save energy resources, develop circular economy, and protect the environment, we provide technical solutions and special equipment, including energy-saving industry, resource recycling industry and environmental protection equipment industry, involving energy-saving and environmental protection technologies and equipment, energy-saving products and services, etc.; Energy-saving technologies and equipment, energy-efficient products, energy-saving service industries, advanced environmental technologies and equipment, environmentally friendly products and environmental services. Provide users with energy-efficient, advanced environmental protection, resource recycling, key technical equipment, products and services.

Hydrogen and chlorosilane are separated from the process waste gas mainly through low temperature absorption, temperature change and pressure swing adsorption processes to achieve recycling purposes.

Technical advantages:

u High hydrogen recovery rate, hydrogen recovery rate ≥80%;
u By absorbing the chlorosilane in the raw material gas through STC, the maximum recovery of chlorosilane is achieved, and the raw materials are reused;
u Through the dry adsorption-regeneration-secondary adsorption, the maximum recovery of hydrogen, reduce hydrogen emissions, and improve the purity of hydrogen;
u Backflushing the temperature swing adsorption equipment by using pressure swing adsorption exhaust gas to save utility gas;
u Adopt new deoxidation technology, energy saving and environmental protection;
The use of temperature swing adsorption and pressure swing adsorption series operation can quickly and effectively achieve the purpose of hydrogen purification; this method has a large amount of exhaust gas treatment.


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