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Warehouse management system

Warehouse management system

1. JG-WMS warehouse management system - the core value

1) decision support

The system orders acquisition, demand forecasting, inventory replenishment, inventory report and other functions, the data provide strong support for the decision-making of the enterprise, so as to reduce the shortage, reduce operation cost and existing inventory backlog.

2) implementation

Through the system function and enhance the standard of order consolidation, cross transfer, dynamic replenishment and other functions, so as to effectively improve order accuracy, improve customer satisfaction, reduce labor and equipment costs, enhance operational efficiency, build the core competitiveness of enterprises.

3) collaboration

The warehouse system support, DataExchange, enterprise Portal suite, customers, suppliers closer cooperation, complete closed-loop supply chain; optimization in storage, increase sales, enhance the customer service and vendor management inventory (VMI), gain increasing inventory, orders and shipment visibility etc..

4) decreased continuously

A, through the operation of the path, the operation method of the guidance and optimization, reduce the cost of logistics operations to 40%.

B, a strong support for information systems to reduce the requirements of the experience of the staff, labor costs can be saved to 20%.

5) continuous improvement

A, inventory accuracy as high as 95% or more.

B, make full use of the effective space in the warehouse, the space utilization rate increased by 20%.

C, order delivery online query, improve corporate image and customer satisfaction, improve customer loyalty.

2. JG-WMS warehouse management system - Business Process Planning

1) to set up an industry advisory committee and programme guidance centre. In view of industry trends and industry best practice, organize and create industry case base.

2) established a dedicated business consultant team, before the implementation of the project, the client operation process to carry out a complete, detailed and in-depth research; for key and difficult points in the process of operation, related personnel and systems at all levels in-depth discussion; finally submitted feasible business process reengineering proposal.

3.JG-WMS warehouse management system - the implementation of information systems

1) easy to build a standard set of standard operating procedures, in the implementation process, the implementation team through careful analysis of the various products warehouse operation characteristics, combined with the system to develop a unified operation and management process, through a strong push to make the process to implement

2) in the implementation process, pay attention to the transfer of knowledge, training and development of the customer's professional team, and thus establish and maintain close customer relationship.


4. JG-WMS warehouse management system - system architecture


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