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1JG-MES(Manufacturing Execution System)--Product OverviJG 

Enterprise information covers the content of the four-level planning layer, execution layer, automation layer and control layer. The plan layer is the enterprise management system which based on ERP, its development has been relatively mature. As the connection of the upper ERP and the underlying control MES, it set up a bridge between enterprise shop underlying and the upper information technology for its integration role of upload.

JGin commit to enterprise MES solutions consulting and implementation services. After years of MES implementation experience, R & D JG-MES platform, the platform can meet the enterprise demand for MES applications, and according to the customer requirements for secondary development. 

JG-MES platform includes two levels: application execution layer and automation layer, execution layer including four business module  of production management, materials management, quality management, energy management; automation layer including Andon, AVI, PMC and CCR four major business modules which covering the main core business in the process of manufacturing execution, each module integrated with each other,  it means that it not only can be used separately, but also can be used as a whole, meeting the current automobile enterprises information technology planning principle of "unified planning, another step to implement”, proceed MES implementation in phases or modules. 

JG-MES is located in the middle of the execution layer in the enterprise information planning, upper connected to the planning and management information on the plan layer, break it up into executable tasks, feedback completed scheme to the plan layer; lower connected to the control layer, monitoring the underlying automation equipment run, transmit the run directive requires the ultimate formation of the information closed loop.  Providing platform interface between ERP, DMS, SCM, BOM software systems and PDA, RFID, PLC and other hardware to outside to achieve timely delivery of data and information integration. 

The JG-MES platform with powerful integration capabilities, can integrate with enterprise the ERP/PLM/CAPP and other information technology systems, such as sap ugs and ptc, ect. With all our strength, build solutions for the enterprise, from the production site to the upper management of full range of information technology. At the same time, JGin mes can realize integrated applications with other domestic brands ERP/PDM/CAPP system.


2JG-MES(Manufacturing Execution System)--Functional Architecture


3、JG-MES(Manufacturing Execution System)--Product Characteristics and Advancement


1)Integration of IT technology and automation technology 

MES solution, fist perfect fusion of automation and informationization in the industry, up to undertake ERP management system, undertake down to the PLC control system, fully support manufacturing production process control. Integrated software system through EAI and ESB interface, and integrated automation equipment using the OPC technology, acquire dynamic data, graphical display equipment state information, remote monitoring of field equipment running state. 

2) Follow the advanced technical standards 

Follow the idea of SOA, take service as an abstract method, abstracts the system application of different functional units in the enterprise for the service, connect through well-defined interfaces and contracts between these services. Follow the ISA - 95 international standard, on the basis of JG - MES platform, application plug-in geared to the needs of different industries is developed to form the MES solution for industry application. 

3) Provide the MES self-development technology platform 

Technology independence refers to technical details "mask" the operating system, software infrastructure and so on, developers in the use of business infrastructure platform development and management software application system, focus on business logic, enterprise business management mode, and don't care about what specific technology to realize. This technology independence also realized the independence of the cross-platform operation, through the development of configuration software can run successfully in a variety of different heterogeneous environment, at the same time for the secondary development provides the convenience and feasibility. 

4) Production process data acquisition technology

Using powerful data collection engine, integrate data acquisition channels (RFID and bar code equipment, PLC, Sensor, IPC, PC, etc.) to cover the entire factory site, ensure that large amounts of field data in real time, accurate and comprehensive collection. According to the different requirements for production process information collection objects and the frequency of different production workshop, using hierarchical/workshop information collection technology, better realize the collection of the workshop production information. For acquisition object fixed, frequency is not high production information gathering information, use more extensive manual real-time input production information collection methods; For collection and gathering more information of high frequency production information, adopt "barcode + handheld PDA" or "barcode + PC + barcode scanning gun" mode of information acquisition; Bad for the environment (such as painting workshop) or data acquisition requires high automation, can adopt the RFID, fully automated collection, without manual operation, high efficiency. 

5) Support multiple factory data model

Factory data model is the core of the whole MES application system, and the basis of all related application system integration and data exchange within the facility. From the core business processes of the production process management and control, analysis of the relevant business processes and process data, accurate description factory key value-added business data and key auxiliary business data, and with reference to the ISA - 95 standards, established a MES factory suited to the characteristics of the discrete manufacturing enterprise production process data model, including business model, function model and information model. Support multiple factory organization structure, can achieve extended application between many factories under the group, using a set of software platform, a set of basic data, and realize manufacturing business synergy between multiple factories, reduce repeated investment. 

6) Perfect function module

JG - MES platform after years of accumulation of implementation experience, formed a functional solution, covering the production management, quality management, material management, equipment management, Andon management, data acquisition, automatic control, such as module, to help manufacturers improve production management level, to implement lean manufacturing, improve product quality, reduce production costs. 


4JG-MES(Manufacturing Execution System)--Product Application 

JG - MES manufacturing execution system are widely used in the vehicle, auto parts, machinery, food, pharmaceutical, energy and other industries. 

1)Auto, auto parts, machinery industry, are typical discrete manufacturing industries, both in accordance with the order production, also have according to the inventory production; There are both mass production and sheet small batch production. Because of the complicated manufacturing process, factors affecting the complicated and changeable production status, the results: the manufacturing process for companies in the opaque state, that the manufacturing enterprise manufacturing process control is very poor. MES as the basis of a critical information in enterprise information system, control and improve the manufacturing process of the enterprise play a very important role. Through the MES system, can effectively manage all kinds of manufacturing process information in the process of the enterprise manufacturing in real time, make the information transparent in the enterprise and can be accessed at any time, which can real-time understanding of the enterprise real production status. At the same time, through the analysis of real-time production information, find out the various factors influencing the enterprise production process, the gradual improvement of these factors in stages, to improve and optimize the enterprise production process, fundamentally solve the problem of discrete manufacturing industry production process control. 

In the auto industry, for example, to implement the lean production of the car, on the shop floor level, one of the most core problem is how to process the vehicle synthetical use of all kinds of information flow, further refining the information by information system processing, which extends to the automatic equipment factory, quality management, delivery management, supply chain procurement, cost control, logistics management, and other external links. In simple terms, is the vehicle in the workshop production form unlimited amplifier and sharing, as used by various external link, through such way to achieve the efficiency of management and resource allocation optimization. JGin information on the basis of summing up many years in the auto industry MES system implementation, formed a complete set of MES solution, JG - MES has been widely used in hundreds of projects for dozens of well-known automobile and auto parts enterprises. Beijing Benz, Audi, Shanghai GM, Faw Volkswagen, Beijing Auto, Volvo, Shanghai auto, Dongfeng, Dongfeng Visteon, DBTS, JMC, Isuzu, Dongfeng-citroen Automobile, Great Wall automobile, Brilliance Auto, Changan Peugeot, Chery Automobile, Lear, Johnson controls, Jin Xing Interiors are our cooperation customers. 

2) The food, pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, energy industry are typical process, mainly adopt the inventory, batch, continuous production method. 

Process manufacturing industry, in the process of production process, can produce various of products, by-products and waste, return, etc., the management of the materials need to have strict batch number. Requirements for the pharmaceutical production process in the pharmaceutical industry, for example, has a very strict batch record and tracking, from raw materials, suppliers, products and the products sales to the user, all need to record. Batch management and traceability is the focus of the pharmaceutical industry management. Once found batch quality problem, can be the fastest speed recovery from circulation related drugs. JG-MES food solution implementation central kitchen, cold chain logistics, store management, and other functions, fully meet the whole process of food enterprise life cycle from production and sales management needs. 

3) JG - MES manufacturing execution system can provide users with a quick response, elastic, intensification of manufacturing environment, and help enterprises to reduce costs, timely delivery, improve the quality of the products and improve service quality. Makes the enterprise interior various information processing process standardization, improve the enterprise in accordance with the contract deadline completion ratio, increase the transparency of all kinds of information, etc.

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