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Cold Channel Closed System

Features: Unit modular design, each unit can be installed independently, easy to install and maintain. Diversified choices, single and double rows are available according to customer's actual needs. High transmittance tempered glass door, flat and beautiful, optional for moving and moving doors. Linked with the fire protection of the engine room, the shortest time to eliminate the danger. High light transmittance top skylight ensures sufficient light in the passage. The cabinet adopts a honeycomb mesh door, and the high permeability ensures smooth airflow. The cold channel system preset port can be configured with cameras, temperature detection and other modules according to customer requirements.

Feature of product

1、Unit modular design, each unit can be installed independently, easy installation and maintenance.
2、Diversification options, according to the actual needs of customers, single row and double optional.
3、High light through the tempered glass door, smooth and beautiful, open and move the door optional.
4、And the engine room fire linkage, the shortest time to eliminate the danger.
5、High light transmittance top sunroof to ensure adequate lighting within the channel.
6、Cabinet with honeycomb mesh door, high permeability to ensure smooth flow of the channel.
7、Cold channel system preset port, according to customer needs configuration camera, temperature detection and other modules.

Technical indicators

1、Material: high quality cold rolled steel plate SPCC, skeleton is 1.5mm.
2、Surface treatment: degreasing, pottery, electrostatic spray (optional electrophoresis), cold channel color customized according to    user requirements, and the cabinet color design.
3、Channel door: 5mm thick tempered glass, on the door and the sliding door selected according to user requirements invisible door     

closed door design.
4、Cap according to the width of the cabinet modular unit design, each unit can be installed independently, and can be connected with  the adjacent unit.
5、Activities of the sunroof through the window to open the magnetic control, the use of electromagnetic force locking components 

fixed, according to the Engine room to provide fire linkage signal automatically open, with real-time monitoring of skylight status.
6、Side plate with 1.2mm cold-rolled steel plate, according to the width of the cold channel modular design, optional two, triple side of    the board.
7、Insulation resistance ≥10MΩ, Protection class IP20.

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