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Electrical control system

Electrical control system

As the control core of the electronic control system of logistics transportation equipment, which plays an important role in the whole logistics automation system. Jinggong robot to provide design, production, installation and commissioning of the entire product and service upgrades for users.

1 advanced and mature technology: the system adopts industrial fieldbus to achieve decentralized control and centralized management "combined with industrial Ethernet technology architecture, comprehensive use of a variety of sensor technology and information recognition technology, realize real-time synchronous control of logistics, information flow, system access to the" Internet of things "has laid a solid foundation.

2 open unified integration: with integrated control ability and rich interface features, the control platform of the warehouse logistics system, logistics system, sorting production line of seamless connection, realize the integration of control and management of network environment, data collection, equipment monitoring and control interface.

3 a wide range of solutions: Based on the optimal control system for a number of industries, the industry control characteristics of modular, standardized development, and to provide users with customized products and services.

4 professional design means: electrical design platform with professional (EB), standard, specification of hardware design, navigation and positioning device of electronic circuit of the functions, to facilitate the maintenance of user electric field; control procedures comply with IEC 1131-3 international standard, program modules through strict unit testing. System simulation test platform through professional program.

5 rich complete system functions: including equipment operation, system monitoring, information maintenance, fault alarm, hardware diagnosis, security protection and other functions, with good control.


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