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Computer system

Computer system

optimization, through the PROFINET Industrial Ethernet to the equipment control system, while receiving control equipment to complete or alarm information feedback to the logistics management system.

Wireless terminal and forklift navigation system

Using the wireless network technology to develop the handheld mobile system and forklift navigation system, to achieve the manual handling of online process management. To realize the wireless collection of material information, tracking the whole process. Operation interface design is simple and clear, easy to operate. Effective management of the connection of the wireless network terminal, improve the security of the system.

Automated production logistics system

In the automated warehouse management on the basis of the traditional control and management automation of the production line, the height of the process configuration, meet various production area of materials handling, automated warehouse and highly integrated automation line. Has the process management, production, production preparation, complete production, production distribution, path planning, assembly guidance function, integrated with MES system, reduce the manual intervention process. Widely used in assembly testing and other discrete manufacturing industry, to create an automated digital workshop.

system simulation

Refinement of robot application in logistics industry the latest and most authoritative software: Applied Materials AutoMod (Version:12.3.1) virtual simulation of production logistics system of construction scheme, the simulation run on the basis of customer data, reasonable system flow test project.

For transfer equipment, the ability to simulate the use of stand-alone equipment. Within the scope of the simulation time, each delivery process according to the actual traffic to carry out the task of the application, the device according to the order of the application to receive delivery processing. The calculation principle is walking trajectory tracking equipment, equipment operation statistics walking times, the calculation formulas of single equipment operation time, at the same time taking delivery time, communication and other auxiliary time, calculate the equipment capacity.

Through the analysis and application of logistics system simulation software AutoMod simulation model of automatic warehouse system for production process flow simulation, can explain the logistics planning and design to meet the requirements of.



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