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Logistics distribution management

Logistics distribution management

Jinggong robot set many years experience in logistics industry, developed with independent intellectual property rights of the logistics system software system platform and development platform, standardized design and customization development. Application system model based on workflow model. According to the concept of modern logistics, put forward a comprehensive and complete system solutions, to achieve a set of automated warehousing and automation production logistics of the perfect unity.

The basic parameters of configuration: definition, configuration, parameter setting management, complete the user authority definition, application system configuration, storage space allocation, logistics route configuration, configuration of business process, customers realize the localization of the application. Adopt the customer standard code system structure, establish and maintain the unified coding management, and provide the basic information guarantee for the unified management of the library;

task management

To manage the goods out of storage and transportation process, support batch management, material tracking, including normal business process handling, exception handling, emergency handling. Graphical interface for tracking, alarming and so on.

The use of graphical inventory management technology

The graphical intuitive management of inventory, storage, storage area information, real-time display and inventory in the library.

Statistics query

Support custom query statistics, statistics of daily, monthly, annual report. Data Excel text import and export.

Intelligent interface system

By defining the unified interface of the hardware platform, operating system and programming language, the interface program is built with the standard component. SIASUN logistics information management system can maintain an independent operation mode, but also with the underlying equipment, related software system seamless integration. Can be the superior system as a command center, its various operations, data assimilation into the SIASUN logistics system internal instructions and data definitions.

data acquisition system

RFID is the abbreviation of Frequency Identification Radio, that is, radio frequency identification technology, one-dimensional and two-dimensional bar code technology. Independent design and development of data acquisition system software development platform, RFID group, group of reading bar code read middleware technology and middleware, integration of various information acquisition equipment, the carrying vessel, the man-machine operation platform unified scientific fast fast and efficient encoding, data acquisition and processing information signal accurate positioning and tracking, can be a single material container path, but also on the bill of material product management, material management and agile data acquisition.

Monitoring and dispatching system

Independent R & D logistics configuration software, the use of OPC technology for process control, as an industrial standard interface. Implement graphical management, integrated video monitoring system, real-time monitoring of global operation, dynamic display equipment running status, position, fault alarm, and provide the function of manual intervention, the development of mobile terminal business alarm. To achieve the management of task decomposition and path

1Logistics and distribution management system for the present and the future of the complex and changeable automated production line material handling system, automated distribution system provides a complete information management solutions. The system has simple operation, multi language support, parameter configuration, dynamic plug-in expansion and other advantages, provide order processing for the distribution center picking strategy optimization, optimization can improve distribution center picking efficiency. 

Through the CMMI3 specification project development life cycle management, guarantee the system stability and high reliability index, meet the system for a long time without interruption. The current logistics management system includes distribution management TARS (automatic replenishment system), TASS (automatic sorting system), and integrated TINF interface module.


2.main function modules 

(1) automatic replenishment system (TARS) 

The automatic replenishment system is a system between warehouse management system and sorting system in the middle, available inventory and operation of the warehouse management system obtained by real-time system, inventory and sorting ability sorting system, dynamic adjustment of sorting material replenishment plan, to realize the continuous supply of sorting system, guarantee the smooth operation of the sorting system. Through real-time monitoring warehouse, sorting equipment status, the implementation of the task of conveying materials, you can change the delivery strategy in a timely manner. 

(2) automated sorting system (TASS) 

Automatic sorting system is the integrated equipment to meet the needs of diversified distribution center picking a variety of materials, to provide delivery or pick the best path to control the distribution center operation unit real-time beat, the picking process reasonably and orderly. And integrated distribution center diversified storage, transportation, sorting, identification, information presentation and other equipment. 

Based on the classification device, control device, conveying device and classification of crossing control, realize the continuous, large quantities of material distribution, can be automatically according to orders, line, area, the second wave picking, and meet the production requirements of very low error rate, and can pick through the real-time state monitoring system to feedback control personnel. 

Full application of the Internet of things technology, intelligent control of the distribution center of the business processes, in advance to generate a reasonable scheduling instructions (pre processing technology), and effectively improve the efficiency of operations. 

(3) integrated interface module (TINF) 

The integration of the information system and the integration of the upper information system is realized through the interface middleware TINF. 


 3 system advantages 

(1) flexible order optimization strategy 

The order system design optimization strategy can be configured according to the needs, can be adjusted flexibly (such as sharing strategy, strategy, strategy of material limited tolerance, etc.) for batch processing, real-time dynamic processing of orders, can effectively improve the efficiency of order picking. 

(2) pretreatment strategy 

System with intelligent data preprocessing strategy, can be combined with the actual operation of the system, the implementation of the order task data preprocessing, effectively improve the efficiency of the system. 

(3) flexibility 

Centralized management and decentralized control are adopted to make the system have high flexibility, and the data processing can be distributed flexibly.


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