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System integration file

System integration file

High quality integrated service technology refinement robot can provide for the user, the integration.


Continue to adhere to the road of independent intellectual property rights, with technology development, equipment manufacturing, installation, training and technical services, strong technical force, the technical level of many key equipment has reached the world advanced level, and the realization of independent production, technology and equipment to provide the refinement machine people, are required to meet the requirements of high quality refinement and in accordance with the relevant national standards. To meet the requirements of users, but also the most concerned about the user's pre planning, product quality, after-sales support and other needs, truly stand in the user's position, to protect the long-term interests of users.


The introduction of digestion and absorption, refinement robot integrates the world multiple electrical control system, database and key equipment manufacturers and products, and in the implementation process, and a number of software vendors MIS, ERP and other software to achieve a seamless integration, formed a system integration advantage of Jinggong robot.





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